Solo Act Performer - Sinatra  to Styx

I gear my tunes from the favorites early on like Sinatra, Elvis, James Taylor and Neil Diamond to Johnny Cash. Somebody always yells for some Willie Nelson and halfway through the second set we turn our focus on to groups like Styx, Foreigner, Pink Floyd and Journey. I'm known to mix some blues in through the evening and give the guitar a workout! The main show is focused on piano with hits from Billy Joel to Elton John! I love to loop with my guitar on some tunes and use zero backing tracks for these shows. I love taking requests from the audience and even Free Bird is not off the table! Hearing it looped brings the song to life and I love my classic rock!



From patio shows to corporate gigs, the crowd always leaves the room with either a business card or one of my CDs. I've been covering different voices from the most popular artists in the business and it's always kept me in demand. Johnny Cash is always requested Willie Nelson is never far behind. Kenny Rogers is on the list as people see my white hair and figure I could do his voice. I gave in one day after hearing his name pop up over and over and keep a few on hand just in case. Eric Clapton is another voice that the baby boomers bring up and I enjoy his guitar work as well. Neil Diamond is the voice that kept me in demand on the casino circuit and I do quite a few on acoustic, but usually end up over on the piano for the big hits like Coming to America and Sweet Caroline. While on piano I also provide some tunes from Jerry Lee Lewis for some boogie woogie piano. Then we move it back a notch with the greatest hits and voice of Elvis Presley! I have lots oldies rock and roll in the list as well as country, but my favorite time of the evening is when I can play some classic rock and blues! I cover artists like Elton John, Billy Joel, Beatles and Journey on the piano and present an easy going style for folks who are enjoying food and conversation. I like to cover these artists with my own voice which is melodic and easy on the ears. No shouting, but on pitch and true to my style as well as the original artist. 

    I've been performing across the country for decades, but my solo act started out at a VFW/Legion Club in Jamestown, North Dakota where I performed during dinner rush for two hours. My weekly shows picked up a nice following and the requests starting rolling in for artists I could copy. I didn't know back in 1998 that I sounded like anybody, but soon people heard something similar between my voice and Neil Diamond. From there I was asked what other singers I could emulate and my show sprouted from the Legion basement to other clubs as far as Fargo. 

    Moving out of the area and working with a group in Mankato, MN, I soon found extra work around town and enjoyed some extra money on the side. I moved again a year later to the Twin Cities and worked several clubs there. From here I started working in the Omaha area and relocated here for casino work and this took me back to Kansas City where I performed for Bluff's Run Casino, Omaha,  Harrah's Diamond room, Ameristar Casinos Isle of Capri and many others. I've had the pleasure of playing the Horny Toad on the Lake of the Ozarks as well as riverboat cruises on the Mississippi river in Tunica, MS. I've worked corporate shows for many big names including IBM and Pella Windows. I've also done extended shows for the Holiday Inn and Ramada Inn chain. One of my favorite haunts is Noble Hops in Oro Valley, AZ. The food and brew are stellar and the crowds tip like crazy! The staff and management always treated me like a king and I will miss this place. 

    On our travels I was asked to sit in at Melvyns Jazz Club in Palm Springs and blew the doors off the joint with some Neil Diamond and Elvis. This was a favorite of Frank Sinatra's and you could feel the vibe coming off the walls. Even shook hands with a few made men on my way out of the club. 

    Whatever the show or how intimate the setting, the music and mood will reflect good times and friendly places. Call to book a show or check out some video and decide for yourself! 4022908429