Moving to Arizona into a bigger home has allowed both Hammond organs and leslies to be introduced into the studio! We can now record most afternoons and evenings and production is allowed anytime I can keep my eyes open. We offer the best in analog and digital with Pro Tools 11 and Steven Slate plug ins. From drum replacement software to Neve Clone pre amps and beyond! Time and pitch correction also available to make those recordings perfect. Vintage tube sound can be had from the Hammond B or Hammond M3 along with 122 and 145 leslie cabinets. Marshall and Fender amps as well as the famed Eleven Rack are also available for tracking right down to a 68 Rogers Holiday kit or something more modern like the DW jazz fusion drum kit. Nord and Yamaha keyboards also available and artwork is offered if needed in house.

Charlie is a fine studio and live utility player who can handle guitar, drums, bass, keys and vocals. Blues, country, classic rock, oldies and even some funky stuff!  Call for availability and samples can be heard throughout the web site. 

    In the studio, Charlie uses Pro Tools 11 with sixteen inputs through a Presonus AudioBox 1818VSL and the Digimax FS. An iMac 5 is used for recording and all drums are recorded acoustic. Starting his recording career back in 1978, three songs were recorded and sent to Epic records via Jack Manus who was also the road manager for Canned Head. Epic was not buying and the songs were released in the Quincy area over a handful of stations. Airplay was frequent and requests were often, but no songs were pressed for recording at the time. Since then, Charlie has recorded in several studios and most recently in his own with several other artists doing their own CDs. Dark Bridges is the upcoming release and all instruments and vocals were performed by Charlie except for one drum track recorded by long time friend Alex Austyn. Alex owns and operates  a successful studio, "Digital Pulse" in Kansas City.