Classic Rock

My guitar tones come mainly from using all tube amps and while I still own a Marshall stack for the bigger shows, I sometimes record with a Fender amp for an American sound or switch over to the Eleven Rack which has surprised me. Pro Tools 11 is my recording rig these days with Presonus rack mount  interfaces that allow me 16 XLR inputs. All my guitars are either vintage Ibanez electrics, Fender electrics or Takamine acoustic. I have a Regal resonator that I just can't to let go of and it's put every real Dobro I've played to shame. DW or vintage Rogers drums are set up in the studio with Zildjian cymbals and I have a B3 and 122 haunting the garage with an M3 and 145 Leslie.


A few years back I spotted an ad on Craig's list to pick up an old Hammond CV organ from a church for free. I was selected out of many folks and once I got this blues machine back home, I knew what came next. A new recording deck fell into my lap and then a killer deal on a tube guitar amp came next. It seemed like a message was playing in my head and I soon put a blues trio together. I downloaded as many great blues artists as I could find and threw myself deep into the blues greats. 

I was always a Savoy Brown, Johnny Winter fan and ZZ Top was my staple. Robin Trower and Pat Travers were more of my faves, but I bypassed all of them and went back to Muddy Water, Howlin' Wolf and Robert Johnson as well as Little Walter and Willie Dixon. I have since then become enamored with the sounds of Robben Ford and Larry Carlton and have added a jazz vibe to my blues and my second CD reflects this change. My third CD should be out sometime in 2014 and I feel that I'm finding more of "my" sound versus the sound of another artist. Robben Ford is still my favorite artist and I look forward to another year of growth.