Phoenix, AZ

I'm not really sure how to say this, but I really think we've found our home after a few years of roaming up and down the coast. We spent a year at an RV Resort and figured it was time to move back into a real home and unpack our things from storage. I've been working with a great classic rock band out of Phoenix and doing side work here and there. The studio is set up in full force and I've even added a dual screen monitor to make life in Pro Tools a little easier! My first client is coming in a week or two and and a blues harmonica CD is in the works. I've been fire testing all the hardware and software to ensure a smooth work process and very excited that everything still works except for quite a few guitars that did not enjoy the bouncy ride up and down the coast in the moving truck. Time to pull the soldering iron out again and pray for no burns! 

      I hope to start on a new blues/rock CD for myself in 2018 and invested in a book about lyric writing which has never been a fun thing to do. I also added a Tom Scholz power soak for my Fender Bassman amp and really love the sound of a Fender on steroids! The addition of the Roland TD30 electronic kit will be a new sound on the albums and I added Slate Blackbird trigger drum replacement after I'd finished my third CD. The drums will really make your ears perk up and take notice! 

    That's about it for now and we are really enjoying the warm winter weather in Phoenix, AZ!