Sunny Days!

  The wife and I have spent some time out of the country which started by leaving Tucson, AZ and moving to Palm Springs, CA for a month. Talk about jumping from the frying pan and into the fire, we hit 123 degrees and endured a moderate earthquake. I was asked to sit in at the famous "Melvins" Jazz club on the strip and we spent many evenings in the pool. From there we headed to San Francisco and climbed hills in our own neighborhood that rivaled any mountain hiking. We enjoyed the trolley cars and toured downtown as well as Height Ashbury, but found this city far too crowded. Traversing Highway 1 and 101, we wound up in Astoria, OR and spent a week with my eldest daughter and her kids! A quaint little town with ships in the bay and bars scattered across the pier.

    Taking our leave, we drove to Port Angelos and took the ferry across to Vancouver Island, B.C. where we spent six months between the Island and some time in Kelowna just over the mountains. After living in Air B&B's, we purchased a travel trailer and soon found it to be too small to live in full time. We then traded that in for a largeMontana 5th wheeler that lets us stretch out a bit. At the end of our six month stay in Canada, we pulled up stakes and came back to Mesa, AZ and no longer have to endure the cold, wet weather that shrouded the island.

    Most of our things are in storage for now, but I've found a way to make do with recording in the 5th wheel. My MacBook Pro is on the dining room table as well as a small rack with my two Presonus rackmount units that allow me 18 channels of inputs. Pro Tools is on the Mac I have my trusty vintage 70's Sony C48 microphone. We've purchased a Roland TD30 drum set that sits in the corner and bothers none of our neighbors. I have it plugged directly in the bottom eight channels and have another eight inputs on top where the vocal mic, keyboards and guitars can plug in.

    My Fender Telecaster was my pick of electric guitar to bring along and it goes line in to the S-Gear Scuffham amps. Pretty decent when you spend some time tweaking. I've not had much time to do any real recording yet and no albums on the horizon. Moving into a new area like this had me hot on the heels of a fantastic classic rock band where I had to go through some auditions and spend a few weeks working on their list of some 85 songs. I've played a few shows and my keyboard and guitar chops are starting to come back. Feels great to sing again and I've also picked up a regular Thursday night gig downtown doing a solo act. I've also started booking a duo with the other singer from the band and also booked some assisted living gigs in the day time.

    I just called and booked a show with Noble Hops back in Oro Valley and we hope to reconnect with some friends from our old neighborhood. I must say that enjoying the sunny days and the swimming pool in January have been more than just wonderful! We think this will be our forever home and look forward to all the new friends and family coming down to visit.