Old Dogs and New Tricks!

  Last night at Time Cycle's show, I ran into a technical glitch that had me very confused. My new Behringer X air 18 channel box stopped working after thirty seconds. I looked at the ipad and rebooted both the X-Air and iPad as well to no avail. The address simply vanished and about two dozen other wireless addresses appeared. I gave up after much swearing and hooked up the Yamaha mixer that I keep as a spare. Having a plan "B" is always a good thing!

  After the first set went by, a thought occurred to me that the switch on the box might have been bumped and this switch will convert the box from send to receive mode concerning all things wireless. At the end of the show, I tried this theory after booting up both units and found that I was indeed correct and someone or myself had bumped the switch.

  I had been thinking earlier that this unit was not dependable enough to rely on and was even wondering about a refund. Thankfully I had found the user error and will be aware of this problem in the future. Fool me once, yada yada... After embracing new technology after all these years and training on the old school to start with, I still had doubts in the dark corners of my mind. Ten minutes before show time can put all of us in panic mode and put the blame mode into effect. My thought to Behringer is to put a better switch in the unit that would cause it to NOT move after a gentle breeze blows through the room.

  I learned many years ago after working for a computer and copier company that the first thing to check are the most obvious. Look for the AC electrical plug and make sure it's plugged into the wall. Most repair jobs fall under this mother of all errors and this was not far from the truth last night. Being it's a new product for me and I've been field testing it for a good month now, I've learned some valuable lessons.

1. Check all your connections.

2. Make sure to check the wireless connections on the iPad as it will go to your home router first!

3. Don't stand in front of the speakers while the iPad puts the system into feedback mode after you've looped it through an Aux feed. Your first instinct is to ignore the iPad and unplug the powered speakers while 800 watts are howling in your face. This only results in you soiling your pants and a profound ringing in the ears.

4. Carry a spare if at all possible and bring along some extra clean underwear.