Dry Climates and Ugly Dogs

It's been quite a while since I've had time to write on the blog, but here goes. In late November, my wife treated me to a guitar clinic with Robben Ford in California! I learned much and still have so much more to go, but it was a thrill to study under him. Returning to Omaha, I immersed myself in new material with the 70's Band which is ironic as it's old material and a lot of disco which I detest. I soon learned to enjoy the sight of people packing the floor most every night took solace in this fact alone. Disco would be allowed to stay much like the ugly dog that is brought home, but can fend off the wolves at the door with steady pay. 

     Elaine and I have enjoyed our stay in Omaha, but have decided that a move to the west coast was needed. Let's face it, the weather in Omaha is pretty fickle and spring arrives for one day and then summer blasts in the door with hot and humid conditions. We'd looked at the Vancouver area and even California, but Tucson, AZ was the winner and had the most to offer. In 52 days we will have the truck packed and mosey on down the interstate to a hot and dry climate with plenty of work for a senior entertainer like myself. We have hopes for a nice house with a pool and neighbors not too close so I might record and rehearse in private. This means tearing down the studio and packing and labeling everything so it goes back in place with some sense that doesn't require a translation from pig latin or massive hair pulling late at night. 

   The last year has allowed me recording sporatic fits due to the nature of my wife being out of country, immigration issues, or me recording other clients projects that kept my own material on hold. I look forward to working on "Dark Bridges" soon and moving the studio where it started on Maple Street in a garage and Harrison street where it ended up in the basement. Now it will move to the main floor of the house and be treated as equally as the television room or the kitchen. I've learned much from my friend Alex about recording and the Recording forums that have taught me about less being more. 

    I've changed out a few drum sets in the drum booth and added a vintage seventies Sony mic into the vocal channel. The guitar rigs have been upgraded and I really hope to bring one of the Hammond organs into the AZ studio along with a new organic feel from the desert. 

   While it's sad to leave so many good friends in Omaha, we are excited to meet new folks and play in new bands in the south west. Perhaps the next blog will  reflect the promise that I'm feeling...