Merry Christmas!

    It's deep into December and we've been in Arizona six months now. I can look out my back yard and see snow, but it's on top of the mountain, so I guess that doesn't count. Winter is here now, but no snow on the ground. Yes, it can get chilly and we'll see 28 degrees tonight back into the 60's tomorrow afternoon. No windows to scrape and no snow to shovel… sigh. 

      I've made a few false starts with bands in Tucson and the flake factor runs high in this town, but I have a brand new group surfacing this weekend at an Irish pub. My first AZ clients for recording  will start work after Christmas and I have a few other logs in the fire. 

    I finished up Kim Brummer's CD a few months ago and she is thrilled beyond belief. My wife even did her artwork and it turned out fantastic. I've aquired some new plug ins for Pro Tools that will treat the material sweetly with NEVE clone preamps and compression, EQ and other goodies. Also picked up some drum replacement software that is pretty cool along with drum loops for MIDI. 

     Learning everyday about mixing and getting better at it. Even working out the band harmonies has been fun with assigning root, 3rd and 5th for some great sounds.

   We've also had some out of town company and it's been wonderful! Everybody loves the warm air and pool in the backyard. Pretty much living the desert island life here and moving out of the midwest was the best thing we've ever done for ourselves! Not much else to report on and the Dark Bridges artwork is near finished while the tracks are very close. No rush here, just taking our time to get it right.